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Our Crafty Journey

Screen Printing Squeegee

Impex Chemicals

Impex Chemicals has been founded in 2014 and started manufacturing screen printing inks in 2019 with the aim of becoming a competitive actor in the global screen printing market. To reach this goal, Impex Chemicals initiated continuous and innovative R&D campaign, aiming to produce high quality products and meet the demands of clients and the market.


This research and development process is still in effect today, enhancing our quality standards and brand awareness all around the globe. Impex has an Egypt Branch, which is acting as a warehouse and distribution point.


Always keeping up with trends in the textile chemicals industry, providing best possible solutions for our clients and the market.


To become a leading company in the textile chemicals industry, dominating local and global market by getting involved in customer’s needs and wishes, optimizing their production process. 

Quality Control

We make sure that each product has the same quality as the others by putting them to strict tests beginning with the raw material up until the finished goods. Every new batch of products are stored to observe for possible changes.


We Aim to Build a Better World

R&D Department of Impex Chemicals consist of competent chemists, highly experienced in the screen printing industry. With their scientific methods and never ending researches, we are consistently improving our quality standards. By this way we make sure that we are always up to date with the trends in the industry and products we are manufacturing are only the highest quality in accordance with clients wishes and needs.

Young Scientist
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